Durbanville En Route would like to thank Vumatel for all their support and willingness to help. Without Vumatel, the inaugural opening parade on Saturday 24 June would not have been possible.

Vumatel are currently intensively instaling fibre in the Durbanville and Bellville area.

Vumatel is world-class fibre to the home. We build the network in partnership with the community and connect every home, complex and apartment block to super-fast world-class fibre broadband.

Fibre lays the foundation for the smart homes and smart cities of the future. The speed and capacity of fibre makes your digital life at home hassle-free. Fibre broadband makes working from home a reality; you can stream HD movies and series without buffering; game online with low latency and save money by cutting your internet, phone and entertainment bills. The installation of fibre into your property increases its commercial value and makes it more attractive to prospective tenants. The network can also support security cameras and monitoring systems to make your neighbourhood safer. The possibilities with VUMA Fibre are endless!

Vumatel builds an open access fibre network which means that Vumatel is not a service provider but simply installs the infrastructure. Residents can then choose from a number of Internet Service Providers for internet packages ranging from as little as R396 per month. Through its open access network, VUMA gives you choice and convenience and lets you leave contracts in the past with month-to-month services.

Bring fibre to your suburb by completing a non-binding show of interest, just visit: